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2014-09-01 01:20:12.608948

resurrecting the ashes

There has bee a lot of derp and chaos that has happened in the past ~5 years. I am going to decide if I just wipe everything and start over with this space or what will happen.

Most of the links are sure to be broken and images are sure to be missing. Around the time the hardware this was on became unstable, I started uploading images to flickr. I even went so far to do this recently.

Life sucks and then you die.

2009-09-29 03:36:08

the apocalypse is coming

that is the only explanation

2009-08-18 05:14:15

... oops

what with working on the hackbus for months and having hardware that was very broken, this had a lot of downtime

defcon 17 happened, pictures appear here ...

2009-06-01 18:45:00

fucking midgets

so, a server that shorts when mounted in a case = bad ...

2008-10-05 23:16:05


my server was dropped, about 1u, and refused to post

when it happened, i was asked about how well the hard drives were mounted ...

backups are set to transpire due to the uncertainty of the hard drives lasting much longer

2008-08-28 23:08:11

GeforceLAN 5 / NVISION 08

images appear here

2008-08-13 02:25:41

defcon 16

images and video from defcon 16 appear here ...

2008-08-07 14:19:59

hackbus domain + website

the hackbus page on this site is being replaced by its own website at hackbus.net ... not entirely in time for defcon 16 but surely close enough

2008-05-28 16:04:27

ladytron at the fillmore

the ladytron show was awesome
ladytron at the fillmore

2008-04-14 21:10:23

website recoding

php and mysql are slowly taking over from static html with server side includes .....

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